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Meet Gary Jollow, our Dad! Also referred to as Gazza, Uncle, Poppy, Legend and Cyril (...don't ask). Dad is eldest of 5 children, Craig, Mark, Jeff and Linda, and has always been the patriarch of our extended family. He's the person you call if ever you need advice, have an issue or just want a general chit chat. Dad has always put family first which has made our immediate and extended family very close despite living all across Australia - from Perth to Narrabri to Tweed Heads to Sydney. Dad is very close to his own father, who at 91 years old is still chasing ladies around the nursing home! Having such a strong bond with his own father is probably why Dad made such an effort to be an amazing Dad to us, his three kids - Kellie, Paul and Natalie. It definitely wasn't easy with the girls being a constant worry and getting themselves into trouble although Paul made up for it by being the quiet, nice kid. Rounding out our family is Mum, Dad's wife - Vi. Mum is an immigrant from Malta. She came out to Australia with her Mum, Dad and older brother Joe when she was still in Primary School. She met Dad when they worked together and she asked him out 3 times before he finally gave in. They've now been married for over 40 years! Dad was quickly immersed in Maltese culture and although he never learned the language, he did make up his own version from time to time and was a massive hit with his in-laws! 

Dad's not just a family-man, he's a people person! He's been an active member of our local community for years, coaching several softball and soccer teams for Wenty Warratahs, including being club President back in the day! He's guided and coached lots of young people, forming close relationships with their families and making a positive impact to their lives. Wenty Warratahs has been a big part of our lives with all three of us kids representing them in sport. He met his best mate there, Bert Binkhorst (also known as Bertie Beetle), when they coached softball together. Over 30 years later and they're still the best of buddies. The stories we've grown up hearing over the years show that they really are the definition of best friends...always making sure they have each other's back. 

Work-wise, Dad did everything for our family. He worked a range of jobs, including the Commonwealth Bank where he was held up at gun-point as a young man. While progressing his career, Dad was sent to university by his work where he completed his Bachelor and Masters in Business and Commerce, graduating with a specialisation in Human Resources. During this time, Dad did all that he could to provide for our family including working nights and weekends vaccuuming big auditoriums for some extra money. Dad's dedication led him to have a wonderful career, eventually working with an organisation called ITT Flygt (which changed their name about 100 times...most recently known as Xylem) where he travelled all over the world. Dad was very similar at work to how he was at home, he could but harsh but he was always fair....and extremely funny. Although holding the title of HR Director for Asia Pacific for the organisation when he retired, Dad always treated everyone in the business the same - it didn't matter if they were working in warehouse or if they were Managing Director or CEO. It's because of this, Dad made lots of lifelong friends from work. 

Fast-forward to February 2018. Dad was playing lawn bowls...being the joker he was, he took his turn to bowl but didn't have anything in his hand. It wasn't until he collapsed that his teammates knew something was wrong. Dad had a massive stroke which affected the left-side of his brain, leaving him right-side paralysed, unable to communicate or really understand. The first few weeks after the stroke were really could our Dad go from a functioning person to someone who can't do anything for himself? We did everything we possibly could to learn more about stroke - reading books, watching documentaries, contacting experts from Australian and international universities, speaking (mostly arguing) with doctors but we soon realised that there wasn't much we could do to 'reverse' what happened to Dad...we just had to try and give him the best life we possibly could. With countless hours of phsyio, occupational therapy and speech therapy, Dad was able to gain some function back. He can now feed himself and say a few words (yes, no, Jesus Christ and his favourite...the 'f' word) although most of the time it doesn't really make sense. After over a year of being cared for at home, Dad had another stroke and is now in care at a local nursing home. It's been hard to have to put our hero, our Dad, in a nursing home at the age of 68 but unfortunately this was the only way to guarantee he would receive the care and attention he needs.

Before Dad had a stroke, we had no idea how common it is, the impact on families, all of the work that goes into recovery and how harshly affected an individual could be. That's why we're Striding 4 Stroke. We want to help other families that may experience a loved-one having a stroke and do what we can to raise awareness. 

We love our Dad so most of the people that get to meet him. And now hopefully after reading this you do too. With that said, please donate if you can on behalf of our Dad, the legend, Gary Jollow. 

This November, I’m taking part in Stroke Foundation’s Stride4Stroke to help prevent, treat and beat stroke!

Sadly, 1 in 4 people will have a stroke in their lifetime.

Stroke attacks the brain- the human control centre, changing lives in an instant. The impact of stroke can be devastating for the individual and the family. But stroke’s impact doesn’t need to be this great, research indicates that around 80 percent of strokes are preventable.

So, we need your help to Fight Stroke. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to those who are impacted by stroke. Please sponsor our team today to support us and together we can Fight Stroke!

Your donation will help the Stroke Foundation support those affected right now and fund research to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. Thank you.

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Xylem Water Solutions

Thank you for reaching out and allowing us to contribute. It has been our pleasure to have worked along side Gary, and to call him friend.


Maz, Emilee, Corey, Cam, Bert And Olga

We love you all so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


David, Kellie & Kids



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Great job everyone,


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We are all behind you 100%❤️❤️❤️❤️


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Well done Nat - although you need to get moving !


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This is awesome!! Love you❤❤


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Good on you all. Such a great idea


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Gary is in our thoughts and prayers every day. It’s amazing to see you so positive and supportive. A good lesson for us all. Great idea Team Jollow. Xxxxxx


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Well done Natalie for taking positive steps. Proud to be part of your family xx


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agree, way to common and all types at risk , have a mate my age, triathlete had two in early 50s, fortunately recovered. Great cause


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great cause and good luck on the walk


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Beautiful story about your Dad Nat, wishing you and your family all the very best for the walk.


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Nat, you’re an absolute gem, all the best💖


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Nat, Good luck in reaching your goal! It's a great cause and a very touching story about your lovely Dad. Kari


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You're a little ray of sunshine. Big love x


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Good luck!


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What a sad yet beautiful story. We lost an ex work colleague to stroke this year and he wasn’t even 45... walk hard with our support Nat!


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Good luck Nat, stride on!


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From the Findlay Family


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Great cause Nat. Stay strong.


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Very touching to hear your story. All the best Nat and Family.


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Awesome cause Nat. Hope this helps in some way


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Goooo Nat!! So proud of you! Your strength and determination is such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story with us and good luck with the challenge xoxo


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Natalie Jollow


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Go jellyton, love you lots!!


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Much love guys!!! Kristie, Dom and Airlie


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Go Paul, will be thinking of you. From Vicki, her crazy running husband and the kids xx


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Go Nat ... great cause am so proud of you, walk hard babe xx


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Great cause, I have a vivid memory of sitting next to my Oma and mum when Oma went funny and fell off her chair and mum sent me running next door to my uncle's to tell them Oma was having a stroke.


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Thanks for showing such courage, sharing your story and raising awareness


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I admire your strength, positivity and determination.


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Thanks for sharing. Some of my best memories as a kid being coached by Gary and Bert. All the best to the whole family. Xx



A great initiative. Wishing your family well.


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