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The last week of Spring wasn't going to let go without a little bit of a temper tantrum from the skies and this morning saw the last signs of damp eyes from the weather gods - not enough to warrant gumboots, and just enough moisture in the air for an "unfortunate" hair day rather than a bad hair day. My Walk2Work has become more efficient - I've settled into a steady pace; I know which intersections to cross over to go past the most enticing cafes; which lights have arrows and are the slowest to change; I even had contingency plans for where to shelter (not under a tree) if the weather turned nasty - in the end not needed.

To all my wonderful sponsors, again thank you for your support of my involvement in Stride4Stroke

Heavy traffic - Fawkner Park

No problems with technology today. The support team didn't twitch a single hair of their bushy eyebrows this morning - they were so confident that I would be up and out without their assistance (though I suspect they didn't want the reminder that they weren't coming with me.)

Another clear, bright morning for a walk through such pleasant surroundings - no road rage (or track trauma), the joy of romping dogs. I am very aware that my day has started, almost literally, as "a walk in the park" (well actually a park, lush gardens, and some reasonably respectable residential and retail real estate). The only downside is the time constraint that doesn't allow for dawdling along the way.

For many stroke survivors, 2 hours of walking may be a much more intensive time spent with occupataional therapists to regain lost mobilty.

So please donate towards my meagre stroll so that we can help support those who are truly striding to fight the impact of stroke.

The Support Team got me on the road this morning…..

................ I set the alarm for 5:30PM instead of AM, (note to self:  convert to digital not analogue) but it’s a good thing my support team are younger than I am (even in dog years) and they were alert to wake me up. So, I was able to hit the footpath in time to have a reflective minute at the Shrine on the way to the office.

With my Walk2Work as part of the Stroke Foundation’s Stride4Stroke I’m helping to raise funds so that we can Fight Stroke.

But my Support Team didn't risk my mood this morning for their own entertainment (at least I don't think so). They've done their bit, again.

Please don't let them down and sponsor me today, to provide valuable SUPPORT TO PREVENT, TREAT AND BEAT STROKE.

My walk won’t “Stop the Nation” ......................

................but YOUR SUPPORT CAN HELP STOP STROKE While half of Melbourne is having a long Melbourne Cup weekend, I started my Stride4Stroke. The support team wasn’t happy to be left behind but I’ve upheld the first part of my bargain, starting off at 7am on this damp morning to walk to work – a distance nearly 3 times the length run in the Melbourne Cup. Someone has a stroke in Australia every 9 minutes, so in the time it took me to walk to work this morning 13 people may have had a stroke. And research shows that around 80% of stokes are preventable. With odds like that, why not channel some of your funds into a donation to help fight stroke. IT'S A MUCH BETTER BET

Striding for Stroke

My support team are helping me scope out the course for my walk to work as part of my Stride4Stroke. The time trial was hampered by too many delicious smells but that's a different story. 

Mabel and Stanley are doing their bit (they don't get any pocket money) but your support with a donation can make a real difference in the fight against stroke.

I am taking part in the Stroke Foundation’s Stride4Stroke to help Fight Stroke!

Sadly, 1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime and the impact can be devastating.

Stroke attacks the brain and lives can change in an instant - for the individual and for their family. But research indicates that around 80 percent of strokes are preventable.

So, throughout November, I am helping to Fight Stroke by taking part in the Stroke Foundation's Stride4Stroke. My aim is to start each week by walking to work - "only" a 9 km journey each morning. 

It’s going to be a challenge to arrive on time (and fresh), but it’s nothing compared to the REAL challenges faced every day by the wonderful people I have the privilege to speak with, whose lives have been impacted by stroke.

Please sponsor me today as I Stride4Stroke.

Your donation will help the Stroke Foundation support those affected right now and fund research to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.   Thank you


Thank you to my Sponsors


Joyce Skinner


Stephanie Skinner


Sally Allaway


Lisette Fisher

Well done. Will buy you a coffee at dogpark


Ann Irvine Lie

Go for it!


Scrappy Grimwade

Great team work Skinners!


Judy Evans

Well done Steph, a great effort - applauding you all the way


Eve Calder

Lots of love xx


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Go you, Steph! Great goal xx


Barb & Tony Paice


Stephanie Skinner


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Go Steph, Stanley and Mabel :) xx


Shae Spry

Here's to you and your fabulous support team! Bringing smiles to all of Melbourne AND making a difference while you're at it. Love your efforts.


Julia Torkos

Go Steph!!! You are amazing doing wonderful things for a cause close to your heart. :-)