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1 day till go before stride4stroke. I have worked out I need to walk 16.6km a day to reach my target. I'm so grateful for everyone that has donated so far. Doing this for Dad and for the Stroke foundation has helped me in this horrible grieving process.  I was so broken, but doing this has made me turn the most heartbreaking moment in my life into a positive. Don't get me wrong I still get sad but it has given me a cause. It can't help dad but I can help other families with the funds and that makes me feel great. I'm going to make people aware and raise as much money I can for Dad.

Doing it for Dad

I'm writing this in hope, that you may read this and help me raise much needed funding for the Stroke Foundation. November is Stride for Stroke month, I have committed to walk 500km in November. I'm looking to raise $10,000 or more to help make a difference. I want to share my personal story in hope that after people read or hear about it, I may have touched their hearts a little so they will go to the link below and donate, even if its as little as $1 it all helps and can make a difference. Four years ago my Dad had a stroke, it was a shock as he was so fit and healthy everyday he would go to the beach and go for a run, he didn’t drink and he gave up smoking years ago. Everyone use to comment that he was the fittest 66yr old around. With the rehab he was back to normal within 6 months and you would of never guessed he had a Stroke. Two Months ago I lost my Dad to a stroke. I got the call from my Mum at 3.02am telling me that he had passed. It was the most heartbreaking moment of my life, in that moment the life I had lived for the past 42 years was gone and was never going to exist again. And was replaced with my now new life, a life where I will never get to see, talk, hug or laugh with my Dad. I had to learn how to live this new life, that felt like the worst place on Earth. Two months on and it is still raw and sometimes I have to remind myself that this is actually real and not a nightmare as the thought of him not being here seems unimaginable. 6 weeks before he passed was when Dad had the stroke, it was major and it was in the frontal lobe. That means it affected his movement, memory, speech and personality. We were told early on not to expect much improvement or any at all. The Strong, Fit, Independent, stubborn, loving Dad was gone, and in his place was a bed ridden, shell of a man. A good day was if he knew who you were, held a conversation with some basic words, and was able to feed himself the mushed up food. But those days gave me hope. I always thought the positive and when the doctors would give you bad news I would look at them and think, you don’t know my Dad he will beat this, he will fight back. Those were the good days Most of the time it was a vacant look, or asleep. He could not get out of bed, needed the nurses to wash him, go to the tiolet in a bottle and wear a nappy. If my Dad knew this he would be horrified.  I grieved for my Dad twice, which is a surreal and strange feeling as you are grieving for someone that is still alive but in a sense already gone as his brain was so damaged he was not really there. I cannot do anything to help my Dad now. But im hoping by doing this and trying to raise money for the stroke foundation I can help other families, survivors of Stroke and help with research. And by doing that I will also be honouring and making Dad proud. I thank you all in advance Natasha.      

This November, I’m taking part in Stroke Foundation’s Stride4Stroke to help prevent, treat and beat stroke!

Sadly, 1 in 4 people will have a stroke in their lifetime.

Stroke attacks the brain- the human control centre, changing lives in an instant. The impact of stroke can be devastating for the individual and the family. But stroke’s impact doesn’t need to be this great, research indicates that around 80 percent of strokes are preventable.

So, I need your help to Fight Stroke. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to those who are impacted by stroke. Or that would like help raise money to help prevent Stokes.Please sponsor me today to support me and together we can Fight Stroke!

Your donation will help the Stroke Foundation support those affected right now and fund research to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. Thank you.

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All the best Tash for your fundraising. Great work!!


Shalini Seneviratne

You are making your dad and the entire family super proud Tash - great work channeling all your energy to support awareness for an important cause. Good luck on the final leg of your walk! xx


Brian,rochelle& Megan


Blye Philip

Great work Tash uncle Dennis would be so proud Love Leisa and Blye


Alexis Heathcote

Amazing work Tash!!! Uncle Dennis would be so proud. Love Alexis and Heath


Katie Black

For the daughter who never gave up on her father and in memory of a man who inspired, supported and loved you.


Vicki Smith

Well done Tash,


Jennell Wade


Tess Kennedy

Awesome Tashie, you’ve got this 🥳


Ruvani Weerasinghe


Dave & Vicki Brooke

Well Done Tash your Dad would be so proud xx


Sharon Head

You are a special human! A wonderful initiative from a loving daughter.


Gemma Martin

You got this Tash. Well Done




Paul Graham

Go Tash your my inspiration


Lisa Bruhn

Best of luck Tash. Your dad will be proud..xx


Samantha Russell

Go Tash!!!




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