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This November, I’m taking part in Stroke Foundation’s Stride4Stroke to help prevent, treat and beat stroke!

In Australia, one stroke occurs every 9 minutes.

It is one of Australia's biggest killers, killing more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer.

Stroke attacks the brain, the human control centre, changing lives in an instant. The impact of stroke can be devastating for the individual and the family. However, the impact of stroke can be prevented, with research indicating that around 80 percent of strokes are preventable.

I have picked my Stride4Stroke activity goal and I’m ready to go!

Please support my Stride4Stroke challenge with a donation today. 

Your donation will help the Stroke Foundation support those affected right now and fund research to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. Thank you.

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Friday 6th Nov 20020...

It’s 6 days in, and I have done 28 kms (only 72 left but who’s counting? ? - Stroke Foundation - thats who!) 

I’ve also raised $1943 just $57 more to go!

I have had a couple of articles floating around the place and hopefully some more will pop up as well, to help raise awareness of stroke and all the great work that the Stroke Foundation do.

I have also been sent some lovely messages from people who know mum and some from those who don’t, supporting me.

Also I have to say a big Thank You to my friends and family who have been walking with me!

It makes it that much more fun when you get out with friends!

Let’s stay active so we can PREVENT, TREAT and BEAT stroke!

Friday 16th Oct 2020...

Happy 85th Birthday to mum!

Back in February I didn't know if we would be celebrating any more of your Birthdays, they may not be filled with a lunch, a gathering or a drive around or even dinner somewhere, but to be able to have you still here is the best thing ever!

I received my #TeamStroke T-shirt today, I can't wait to wear it out and about! 

I'm still walking most days, looking forward to Novemeber when I can really start to up it all! 

Friday 24th Sept 2020...


After more than 2 months. 11 weeks. 75 days. 
I was allowed to visit mum again today. Dressed in my full PPE, I popped my head in and said BOO!!

She said what have you got all that garbage on for? Just take it off! 

We had a nice little catch up, chatted about the weather, Spring and the flowers and about the little boy that got stuck in the chupa chup tin. (Mum actually brought up this conversation.) 

It was so great to see her and have a video chat with some of my other siblings.

I look forward to seeing her again next week. ?

This is my "why", why I am doing what I am doing and raising the much needed funds for the Stoke Foundation. My mum!

I continue training hard for my 100km walk in November, trying to get my fitness up. I am deciding whether I will make it a run instead of a walk? I will decide in a few weeks and see how I am progressing. ?????

Friday 21st Feb 2020...

It was just a typical Friday. Like any other Friday visiting mum. Althought this day I went in the morning. Not the afternoon. Thankfully.

When I walked into mums house I noticed straight away that something was wrong. The place was a mess and she was very dishevelled.
She had spilt a cup of tea down herself, there were clothes on the floor and the fridge was wide open and beeping. She was making her favourite, a Vegemite sandwich for lunch.

I noticed that there was blood on her top and she told me she had “had a little trip” and hurt her arm and that she felt a “bit wobbly”.

What happened next changed my life.
Changed my mums life.
Changed my family’s lives.

As I was on the phone to her Dr trying to organize an appointment for her arm. I told mum to have a seat.
I was preoccupied. I should have helped her but I was too slow. She took 2 steps towards the seat, she stumbled back and fell, slamming her head on the cupboard. I hung up the phone immediately and called 000. Although she told me not too.
Within seconds Mum was unresponsive and not breathing.

I can’t describe what it’s like to do compressions, I have never had to do them before and although I had had previous training for this. It’s something that you never think you will need to do on anyone, let alone someone you love, especially your mum.

Mum gained consciousness as soon as the Paramedics arrived. She had left sided paralysis and they told me it was more than likely a stroke.

Mum was rushed to RMH. She had a blockage in her carotid artery. She had emergency surgery and a stent inserted.

She had had a stroke.

Mum pulled through the surgery but has major deficits. With approx 75% of the right side of her brain affected mum cannot walk, has memory issues and doesn’t have much control over the left side of her body. She went from being completely independent to being bed / chair bound and now in an Aged Care facility and will never return home.

I am lucky that she is still with us, but I miss her incredibly. I miss who she was. What we had.

She later told me that she was waiting for me. She had “felt funny” that morning and knew that it “wasn’t a going to be a good day”
I am so glad I went in the morning, not the afternoon.

Mum will be turning 85 in October.
Stroke can affect anyone, any age, any gender, the ripple effects can be devestating.

I am hoping to walk 100km in November (doesn’t seem like a lot, but believe me - it will be for me) to raise funds to PREVENT, TREAT and BEAT Stroke.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Thank you to my Sponsors


Karen Eldridge

Such a great thing you are doing, Jo. Love you, mum.


Justin Morley

Hey Jo, keep up the great effort!!!


Sue Mcgregor

Proud of you Jo Only a few more kms to go! (Love and miss you Mum)



Good on Jo - the Mettler-Moran's are barracking for you


Emma Magrath

Well done Jo. Such an important cause.


Craig Green

Proud of you. Go my little sister.


Liz Mclean

I miss your Mum too. ❤❤❤ So glad I got ro visit before lockdown. What a wonderful tribute, good on you Jo. 😍


Linda Ford

Great work Jo, miss your mum too💜


Michelle Hinneberg


Kylie Cameron



Chan Family

Well done Jo on staying so strong during what would’ve been a very traumatic and difficult time for you and your family. All your years in a medical centre and regular CPR updates turned out to be very useful! Xx


Robyn And Tim Barker

All the best with your fundraising Jo. Reading your story bought tears to my eyes.


Bernadette Rutter

good luck Jo. 💕


Brenda Marschall

Good luck Jo. Love that photo of your mum.


Felicity Shanahan

Well done on doing something that will contribute to no one else ever having a "Friday" Love to you all.


Jaidee Park



Michelle Nolte

Good on you Jo, what a wonderful thing you’re doing, we lost my great uncle suddenly to a stroke last week so it’s a cause with added meaning at the moment. All the best with the walk and reaching your fundraising goal xx


Helene & Greg Giles


Jo Hudgson


Vlad Basa


Tess Elam

Amazing work Jo, best of luck!


Michelle Law


Mary Robinson

Best wishes to you and your family



Good job on the fundraising! X


Megan Heymann

My mum had a major stroke at 90 and it took her independence requiring 24 hour care in aged care facility. She kept mental good health almost to the end. Great cause Jo


Megan Hayward

Go Jo! Much love to you and your mum (and the family) xoxo


Michelle Bakker

Its wonderful what you're doing Jo xxx




Vicki Hunt


Carmel Bowe


Robyn Baker

Always loved having a chat with your mum when she came into work.


Rita O'sullivan


Kim Tranter

Good luck with achieving your goal Jo 😘


Kate Coleman

Well done Jo! I am so proud of you for making this commitment. You will smash your fundraising goal and your walking goal. Such a wonderful cause x


Di Barron


Anne-margaret Forde

Nearly there Jo! Hope you enjoy the walks xx



It’s wonderful what you are doing Jo! Your mum is such a beautiful lady! xx


Nikki Taylor Dowdle

Kyneton is about 100ks from my place. If you leave now you’ll be here in time to deliver my morning coffee. White with two thanks.



Good luck with your fundraiser. I really hope you reach your target Jo. Wishing you all the very best. The Sheridan Family.



Your doing a wonderful thing Jo, you can do it!



I remember crying with you as you tell me this story Jo. Wish I can walk with you on this cause but for now Im sending you my support and wishing you all the best.



Well done Jo 👏🏻👏🏻 My father had a massive stroke also the blockage was in his carotid artery but back then wasn’t acted on swift enough, he lived very disabled for 8 yrs & totally dependent on mum & family having to care for him, he then had another stroke to which he didn’t recover.


Rob Evans

Hope Mum is doing Ok Jo x


The Barker Shop




Charlotte Binnion

You are doing a great job Jo. Wishing you and your family all the best.


Jim Garcia

All the best in your Stride. Your mum make me feel like part of the family. (My mum had a stroke as well.)


Robyn Cruttenden


Simon And Nyssa Marschall

awesome work xo


Cindy Jones


Natalie Mccoy

You've got this Jo xo


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Good luck, jojo! You got this :)


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Good on you Jo 💜


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Go Jo



Go greeny