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My target 200kms

Half Way!!!

Just a little over half way through and I am ahead of schedule! 122km down and 78km to go!!

Again from the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone that has donated and thank everyone that has been walking along side me. All your love and support is truly wonderful and means the world to me. It enables me to honour my incredibly beautiful Mum.

As part of #Stride4Stroke I want to be able to help spread awareness and educate people about Stroke. 

So What is Stroke?

  • A stroke is the way we describe the blood supply to the brain being suddenly cut off.
  • Blood travels to the brain in blood vessels, called arteries.
  • This can happen in two ways: Blood can stop moving through the artery when it gets blocked by a clot - or when the artery bursts.
  • Brain cells can quickly die without the oxygen that the blood supplies.
  • This is why it is so important to get to hospital immediately if you think you are having a stroke because it is possible there may be some cells that can survive if you are treated quickly.

How does it affect people?

  • Because the brain controls everything we do - the way we think, move, speak, eat – stroke can leave people with a wide range of physical and cognitive changes and disabilities.
  • Some of the effects can include paralysis, speech and swallowing difficulties, problems with memory, hearing and eyesight – it all depends on where in the brain the stroke occurs and how severe it is.

Who is at risk?

  • Men or women – stroke can happen to anyone – it does not discriminate.
  • Age group – risk factors increase with age but stroke occurs at all ages.

What are some of the causes of stroke?

  • There are many causes or risk factors, some are controllable and some are less so.
  • Some of the causes within our control include high blood pressure, a family history of stroke, being overweight, smoking, high cholesterol, a high intake of alcohol and diabetes.
  • TIA, or mini-stroke, is also an indicator of a future stroke so it’s important to know what it is and seek help immediately.

What are the signs of an impending stroke?

  • There is an easy way for everyone to recognise the signs of stroke:  FAST
  • Face – has the person’s face drooped?
  • Arms – can the person raise both arms?
  • Speech – is their speech slurred?
  • Time – call 000 immediately.

What should you do if you suspect a stroke?

  • Call an ambulance immediately.
  • Time lost = brain lost.

These are the basic facts around stroke and I know there are plenty of conditions and diseases out there that occur everyday but Stroke is extremely prevelent in our community and it is so incredibly easy to reduce your risk by either cutting risk factors such as smoking and alcohol out or adding in exercise and healthy nutrition. 

The financial cost of stroke in Australia is estimated to be $5 billion each year.

In 2017, funding for stroke research through the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) represented just 4.0 percent of the total investment in medical research.

So if you can spare just $5, a takeaway coffe for the week to this foundation so we can help fund research and help survivors of stroke and their family that would be so amazing!

Mum was such an incredible person she taught me independence and showed incredible strength. She really was my idol and biggest inspiration and not an hour goes by that she isn't in my thoughts I miss her terribly. 

Lots of love always

Georgia xx




I wanted to write this blog post to send out an enormous thank you to everyone that has donated to this cause so far! The support, love and donations have been overhwleming and it truly means the absolute world to me. My determination to complete as many kilometre's as I can in November has increased so much because of the support I have gotten. 

Its the weekend before I start my walking and I really want to take the time to explain why this is so important to me. My Mum was so incredible- we really were best friends. And because of her stroke I never got the chance to say goodbye, I never got to tell her how much she was loved and how important she was to me one last time. There were no warning signs- one minute here the next she was not. Thats the thing about stroke it does NOT discriminate young or old male or female stroke can happen to anyone at any age. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded that Stroke is the third leading cause of death in Australia. In 2015, there were 10,869 stroke fatalities in Australia, accounting for 6.8% of all deaths. 

And not only is it one of the leading causes of death its also one of the leading causes of disability. Surviving a stroke is only just the beginning- and thats why I am here doing Stride4Stroke because our stroke survivors need help, support and through the Stroke Foundation they can get the much needed help that they will most likely need for the rest of their life. Many survivors need ongoing Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy- it is so much to take on for the survivors and their families. 

The Stroke foundation also helps fund research for our medical professionals to learn about Stroke. 

Mums all time favourite saying is "Everything happens for a reason" and losing her to stroke I am not sure there will be a reason  for that but what I do know now is that I can make a difference in spreading awareness about Stroke and help people learn strategies and help prevent Stroke from happening in our community.

Please help me #fightstroke this November and donate even $1 to this cause it truly will change the lives of people out there affected by Stroke. Donating is important but please make sure you get outside and try and get your 30 minutes of exercise a day- simple exercise is the biggest and easiest change you can make to prevent Stroke. 

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart x. 

My beautiful Mum

Earlier this year my beautiful Mum tragically passed away at only 50 years old. She passed away in her sleep from a brain bleed, a stroke. Unfortunately Mums stroke was so big she couldnt survive. I miss her every single day. She had no warning signs, one day she was here the next she wasn't. I live every single day fully because of her now, do everything I want to do, because you never know what tomorrow brings. I will encourage everyone to live a healthy fulfilling life. Every 9 minutes a stroke attacks the brain of someone in Australia, but a lot can be stopped, please donate to #Stride4Stroke this November to stop stroke in its tracks. 

I am taking part in the Stroke Foundation’s Stride4Stroke to help Fight Stroke!

Sadly, 1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime.

Stroke attacks the brain- the human control centre, changing lives in an instant. The impact of stroke can be devastating for the individual and the family. But stroke’s impact doesn’t need to be this great, research indicates that around 80 percent of strokes are preventable.

So, I need your help to Fight Stroke. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to those who are impacted by stroke. Please sponsor me today to support me and together we can Fight Stroke!

Your donation will help the Stroke Foundation support those affected right now and fund research to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Judy, Tony & Duncan

You amaze us everyday Georgia xx just a beautiful soul like Mel xx


Tayla O’connor

Well done Georgia. We miss seeing your mum everyday at work but we’re all so proud of you and the work that you’re doing. Lots of love xxx


Virginia Johnson

Proud of you I know your Mum is and always will be


Hamish Mcritchie


Kerry & Linton Drever

Brilliant Work Georgia!


Kerrie & Kevin Brown

We are so proud of you Georgia. You go girl!


Kathryn Burns

You truly are an inspirational young woman, so sad for your loss xo


Marita & Denis

Great initiative Georgia. Well done!


Rick Davies

Hi Georgia Thanks for that beautiful message. All the best with the fundraising and good on you! Rick


Maja & Lana Rancev

What a wonderful thing your doing Georgia! XXX


Em & Jess Drever

You’re a star George xx


Teagan Burns


Carolyn Wockner

So proud of your amazing strength Georgia, we will walk with you always. The Wockners xxxxx


Jayke Simpson


Kelly Tyne

Your Mum will be with you every step of the way and is proud of everything you achieve today and forever x


Liane Blick

You’re an inspiration Georgia and a beautiful soul. Mel will be so proud and no doubt be by your side xx


Julie Mcritchie

Well done xx


Vcat Listings And Slg

Mel would be so proud of what you are doing Georgia to raise awareness to help others.


Sue Brown

How proud your mum would be. Always in spirit. Xxx


Cameron Stone

Go Georgia, your mum would be so proud of what you're doing!




Jordan Saplamaev

One of the bravest person I’ve ever met. Good luck Georgia


Jane & Russell Brown

Your mum would be proud! Well Done


Margaret Bagas

So proud of you.. ❤


Degiorgio Family

Such a beautiful thing to do Georgia! You will do it, I know you will. We all miss her so much ❤️❤️


Kathryn, Lachlan & Archer Steel

Very proud of you Georgia, as Melissa would be too xx


Louise Slee


Joey Danicic And Jackie

Tear up that Warralily track Georgia! And drag Jack along too


Chantelle Khan


Chris Cunningham


Sinem Filipovski

Sending my love and support ♡


Michele Bawden

Good on you Georgia - a great cause you've engaged in, sadly because of an incredible loss. I hope the Stride 4 Stroke campaign helps you through this difficult time.


Ashlee Salmond


Julia Mccusker


Thomas Kelly


Clare H


Erin Wockner

So proud of you! Love you xxxxx


Mark Griffin

Very proud of you Georgia!


Lyndie Filipovski

Truly inspirational ❤️


Holly Guerra

What an inspiration you are George xx


Peta Theodorou



So incredibly proud of you 💕


Lisa Johnson - Governance

Hi Georgia, You go girl!! Although I have never met your mum, I bet she is watching over proud as punch and with the biggest smile. Well done. xx


Sandi Mutch

I think of you often Georgia. Your mum would be so proud. Amazing effort. 💕


Julie Patsuris


Emily Surenyan



I'm so sorry for your loss Georgia. You are doing a beautiful thing by raising money for this cause. xx


Mia Lancaster


Tori Dolder


Marisa Liu

Go Georgia! You are an inspiration to us all.


Christian Zaval



Tabby Ko

Dear Georgia, you are such a strong girl with a loving heart. I believe you can achieve whatever you want to do. Warm regards, Tabby


Laura&leigh Murphy

Georgia you are doing wonderful things! Keep it up! Love ya 😘


Lorenna Reynolds


Kristy Morozoff


Lauren Daly

Good on you Georgia, you're doing a wonderful thing. xxx


Karen Boehm

Well done Georgia.


Isaac Haigh


Steph Kearney


Mathew Di-giusto




Emily Sheppard

I wish you all the best, you are doing such a special thing and should be so proud of yourself xx




Georgia Nickels


Cassie Stevens


Jun Vo

You are truly inspiring Georgia! I’m sure your mum is so proud of you from up there xxx


Ashleigh Paterson

Well done Georgia! Such an amazing effort and worthy cause.