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I’m taking on the challenge of Stride4Stroke and raising funds for Stroke Foundation!

Hi there, I'm taking on the challenge of Stride4Stroke and raising funds for Stroke Foundation to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.

Did you know stroke is one of Australia's biggest killers and there is one stroke every 19 minutes, even though more than 80% of strokes can be prevented? 

Stroke doesn't discriminate; it affects anyone, anytime, even unborn babies. It claims more lives than breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Even more distressing, around 600 Australian children experience stroke each year.

Your support can make a significant difference, and I kindly ask you to help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation. It only takes a minute, and any amount you can give, no matter how large or small, will go a long way in supporting Stroke Foundation's vision of a world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke.

With your generosity, the Stroke Foundation will be able to:

Prevent Stroke: By empowering a greater proportion of adult Australians to recognize the modifiable risk factors for stroke, we can increase their chances of preventing stroke and living healthier lives.

Save Lives: Your support will enable hospitals and healthcare providers across Australia to enhance their capabilities in stroke care and rehabilitation services, ultimately saving more lives.

Enhance Recovery: By reaching out to those affected by stroke, the Stroke Foundation ensures that more Australians can access reliable information, resources, and essential post-stroke support, promoting a better recovery journey for stroke survivors.

Your donation will directly contribute to these critical initiatives, bringing hope, assistance, and improved outcomes to stroke survivors and their families.

Thank you for your support. Your generosity means a lot to me.

My Updates

We’re heading for a 3 km jog on the treadmill now!

Thanks to a generous donation from Anytime Fitness in Muswellbrook, the tutu is practically a certainty. Thought we could aim for $5000 and see if we can get Robbie jogging on the treadmill. It will be a a little uncomfortable for him but nothing compared to the struggles a stroke survivor endures even to just walk again.

We’re on the way to $3000

So my $2000 target was beaten this morning. Those of you have been following from the start know what is next. I have this gorgeous purple tutu that is going to look amazing with the pink Lycra. If we don’t get to $3000 we still get the Lycra. Win win. 

Strong AND resilient!

Stroke recovery is not for the weak. It is a tough, long, hard slog that requires determination,  strength and habit. I say habit because motivation only last so long. Initially motivation gets you up and moving but we all know it doesn’t last and habit has to kick in. Over the last ten years I have watched motivation kick in each and every time Stephen has a setback. It gets him up again. But it is not motivation that keeps him up. It is habit, strength and resilience. People are always saying to me “ I don’t know how you do it”.  For me the answer is easy. Love. It’s also down to the fact that no matter what life throws at Stephen, he gets back up. Life has thrown a lot at Stephen of late and he is struggling and getting a bit down at times but I know, with a bit of love (sometimes it’s tough love, I admit) he will get moving again. Stephen has had two health bumps of late. One stroke related (sort of) and one not. He had a fall at home 8 weeks ago (he just got unsteady on our driveway - not the softest landing surface!) and ended up with a fractured c2 vertebrae and a brain bleed.. Cue a big neck brace and having to get up and moving again. I admit I was worried and thought this might be it. But Stephen did what he always does when faced with a challenge. He got back up and kept going. He spent two weeks in rehab getting “back to baseline” and came home. His next challenge will be even bigger. He is about to embark on the dialysis journey, We know it be will be tough but we also know that we can do it if we just keep going.

So far I have helped Stroke Foundation deliver…

Advice and support from a health professional on StrokeLine

Stroke recovery packs to 3 survivors of stroke.

Training to a StrokeSafe volunteer to deliver community talks.

Funding to stroke researchers to find the next game-changer in stroke.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anytime Fitness Muswellbrook

We can’t wait to see Rob in his tutu and shorts!! Good luck with your fundraiser - it’s a great cause!


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Anika Facer

Anika says she loves you guys x


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Pam Ward

Go Tracy !



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Margaret Gawler

Congratulations Tracy … you are an inspiration and totally amazing .. Good luck in reaching your target 💕


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Team Ward smashing it out as always xx


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Onya Trace. You're a legend.


Steve Smith

This gets you to the pink lycra target!


Lois Valantine

Only $100 to go now. I hope I am around to see the pink shorts!


Tracy Ward



You are awesome Tracy


Sophie Freebody

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Good luck with your mission on your endless journey of fundraising for the stroke foundation


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