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1745 minutes

participating to help prevent, treat and beat stroke!

Stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers and a leading cause of disability.

In Australia currently, 12% of people say they won’t have exercised this week. One million strokes a year globally are linked to physical inactivity. One of the things we can do to reduce our risk of stroke, or secondary stroke, is to keep active.

So this November I’m taking part in Stride4Stroke to raise vital funds and awareness for Stroke Foundation.

Stroke Foundation is committed to raising community awareness about stroke and stroke prevention, advocating for increased access to specialised stroke treatment and rehabilitation care, and supporting research into innovative treatments for the benefit of all Australians.

Please join me in my fight against stroke today by donating and helping share my story.

Thank you in advance.

My Updates

laps of local hardware shop

Another place to walk inside. had to resist the urge to stop and window shop lol

Lets sprint!

The end of the month is coming up soon and with it the end of the Stride 4 Stroke challenge and fundraiser for stroke research and services. I have upped my goal of active exercise to 1500 minutes through riding my special bike and walking.

Before the end of the challenge I am also trying to raise $1000 in donations as sponsorship of my effort.

I have been collecting sponsorship donations while I work on reaching my exercise goal. If you have not sponsored me yet, please consider clicking  on the following link to make a donation towards this cause which is close to my heart.

 Its through people in research and services that I owe my life and much of my recovery.


If you have already supported me by donating on my fundraising page, there are a few more ways you can help me and this great cause:

1. Share this post so we csn get the word out and possibly help find more sponsors in the process;

2. get out and do 30 minutes of active exercise 5 times a week to help yourself reduce the chance of having a stroke. If you feel you can't then work up to it; and

3. Learn and remember BE. F.A.S.T when possibly dealing with a stroke:?

BE - BALANCE and EYESIGHT - Are they suddenly havingtrouble  problems either with balance or oordination òlsnce or cordination as well as sudden eyesight blurry, double vision or total loss?

F - FACE - Is their face drooping?

A - ARMS - Are their arms weak?

S - SPEECH  Is their speech slurred?

T - TIME - Get help as soon as you can if you see any of these symptoms. The faster medical proffesssionals can treat a stroke,  the less damage to the brain.

laps of the shopping centre on a rainy day

enjoying the sunshine with a walk along the water

Rain or shine!

ain or shine, there is no reason not to get moving.

on a raining day I did laps around my closest shopping centre and on a sunny day  and enjoyed the sunshine off the water.

Can you help me get to 1200 minutes of movement in November  as part of the Stride 4 Stroke fundraiser for The Stroke Foundation? If you have not already, will you consider sponsoring my effort by clicking on this link:


I can do this..

Prevent. Treat. Beat.

I decided I have been doing well enough with my amount of movement for Stride 4 Stroke that I am extending my target time to 1200 minutes for the month.

Please help me make that happen by Sponsoring my effort with a donation

My Stride 4 Stroke Update


So I have been busy again working on my goal of of doing a total of  1000 minutes of active exercise over November.  I have already completed 570  minutes through a combination of both cycling my custom trike and walking. The 1000 minutes is my personal goal for The Stroke Foundation's STRIDE 4 STROKE challenge.

The challenge is also a fundraiser for support services for those like me who living with stroke, as well as supporting stroke research projects.

If you haven't done so already, please consider sponsoring my effort by giving a donation through STRIDE 4 STROKE from my sponsorship page:


If you have already sponsored me, thank you again. The best thing you can do to help me more is for you to do active exercise for 30 minutes on 5 days a week to help you stay stroke-safe.

Even if you cant help sponsor me, it is still important you aim for that amount of activity to help prevent you from having a,  or secondary, stroke. Do  it for yourself and those around you.

a n? day for a protected ride

Newcastle was pretty windy again today but I found another  way to beat it. this time I took a cycle ride through a wind-buffeting park - Blackbutt  Reservew fora 45min ride. that gets me aþ new total of 160km in just the first 2 dsys of thee challenge. I am up to the challenge of putting the time in to do thec remaining 500 minutes. Are you willing to join those who have already sponsored me by donsting to my fundraising pag÷

Stride 4 Stroke -Lets go for more!

Thanks to the generousy of lots of you, I have decided to increase my target time and target amount raised.

I am now hoping to raise $660 in financial sponsorship to challenge me to complete a combined total of 660mins/11hrs of exercise between cycling and walking over the month of November. This is to raise funds for stroke research; encourage people in the communitty to regularly exercise in order to help prevent them from strokes; and show that l can make and acheive goals that are ambitous even for a lot of people who have not had a stroke.

Help me help those researchers that are both helping those of us who are living with stroke as well as helping the greater community prevent strokes in the first place.

Will you show your support by sponsoring my challenge in order to fight stroke?

Only a week until the start of STRIDE4STROKE

Its only a week until the challenge begins. My goal is to walk/Cycle a total of 450 mins over November in support of the Stroke Foundation for support services and research into areas of stroke like initial treatment,  rehabilitation, and preventing strokes.

I literally owe my life to stroke researchers and the clinicians that put their findings into use.

Participating in this month-long event is one of the ways I see that I can help them help me and the community at large.

I need your help though. I need people todonate in order to sponsor my effort.

I am trying to raise $450 ( equals $1 for every minute of exercise) however I am only half way there.

Will you sponsor me to help fight Stroke??

Click on this link then click on the arrow beside my name to donate today


My massive stroke

A condensed history-

At the start of this November it will have been 16 years since my stroke happened and I had to start my life again - almost literally. I had moved to Australia about 3 months earlier with my wife and then 4yo son. When we moved here I thought it was going to be daunting to try to settle in here on the  other side of the globe and for  the 3 of us to start the next chapter in our lives.

But that was nothing compared to what then happened to me that one  November night. I don't remember much from that time directly but for lots of things I have to rely on remembering things people have told me since about what happend.

I went to bed that night with a headache. from another room of the house my wife heard a commotion coming from the bedroom and went to investigate. She saw me on the floor beside the bed and knew something wasn't right.

I had a bleed from one of my Carotid artery, one of the major arteries feeding into the brain.

The family called an ambulance. They showed up right away. Between them and the staff at the John Hunter, they saved my life by putting me on ice, cutting a hole in my head, putting me into a coma and though surgery.

With the support and love of my family I made it through.

In these 16 years I owe it to those around me and with  people at Rankin Park, private medical professionals, and the researchers who have looked into medical advances in the world of stroke.

I want to support the work of stroke researchers by giving back through activities like taking part in STRIDE4STROKE. 

My initial goals are to raise $400 and moving for at least 480 minutes in November through walking and riding my custom cycle.

So far I have helped Stroke Foundation deliver…

Advice and support from a health professional on StrokeLine

Stroke recovery packs to 3 survivors of stroke.

Training to a StrokeSafe volunteer to deliver community talks.

Funding to stroke researchers to find the next game-changer in stroke.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tammi Friesen


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I know only too well how determined you are Buddy .. you SO have this !


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Hi Ray, Great effort for a very worthy cause.


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You got this, Bud!


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We are behind you Ray. You’ve got this.


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Well done Ray!!


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Have a great walk (cycle?) Ray!


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You are going to ROCK it! So proud of you, Bud! Xx



My amazing warrior


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Keep on rolling Ray!


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Ray you are an inspiration to many. Keep on kicking goals.


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Very glad to be able to support this great cause Ray!


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