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Help me prevent, treat and beat strokes. I’m taking part in Stride4Stroke!

This year has been a confronting time for myself and my family. 

My dad had an aortic dissection only days after celebrating his 70th birthday. It’s kind of like a heart attack, except the aortic valve literally explodes. There’s a very high mortality rate however with the fantastic and quick work of the emergency services, dad was able to get into the operating theatre in time to give him the best chance. 

What followed from there, I can’t imagine how I could have ever prepared for. Due to the blood loss from the dissection, dad required blood, and a lot of it. When they are forcing it back into you, it can cause clots that may have been there for a long time to dislodge, and they did. 

Dad had a stroke, well, a few. 

From those few days we found ourselves hoping and wishing upon every hour. The first step was that we just wanted him to wake up. We were taken into rooms, spoken to about how hard we wanted dad to fight, when we thought we might have put him through enough, and what chance in very black and white numbers they felt we would be able to speak with him again. Incredibly confronting moments.

I don’t think anyone should, or can, prepare for those conversations, they should remain something that you can’t imagine because the heart and mind just ache far too much. 

It is a great thing dad’s stubborn. 

We saw him, albeit a few days after they hoped he would wake, he woke. We didn’t know what damage had occurred and we wouldn’t find out for a long time while he relied on the tubes to help him breathe, eat and drink. 

Slowly, over the coming hours, days and weeks, his reliance on the artificial help became less, and we were beginning to see Dad again, mustering up strength to crack a joke to put everyone else at ease in tough times, one of his biggest qualities.

He’s home now, with mum as a full-time carer, their lives changed forever as he continues to slowly improve. We won’t know the full extent of the damage until around 2 years of recovery. 

Our lives changed forever, but there are lessons and gifts along the journey, as there is with everything. It is my hope that this month will help raise awareness around the seriousness of strokes, the role exercise plays and the importance of a great community doing great work. 

Thank you for your support.

So far I have helped Stroke Foundation deliver…

Advice and support from a health professional on StrokeLine

Stroke recovery packs to 3 survivors of stroke.

Training to a StrokeSafe volunteer to deliver community talks.

Funding to stroke researchers to find the next game-changer in stroke.

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Nic Mate happy to help, good luck.


Dean Kidd (my Goal Australia)

I love your purpose and everything you are about. Keep striding. DK


Nic Hinwood


Brad Noble


Craig Turner

Nic Keep up the good work



Great cause Nicko!


Paul Hagley


Tim Mclean


Lawrence Breen

Good on you mate !


Graeme Kruger

Great initiative, good cause. And for a genuine person. Well done


Adam Matthews



Go Nic and the Hinwood team - great cause!


Peter Reynolds

All the best mate !


Richard Frazer

Hey Nick-With 1 day to go Better Late Than Never I always say. (Great name for a band!) Keep on striding.



Good luck Nic


The Drews

Good luck - from Drewy and I


Dylan Howison

What a year! You have handled all of this and more. Most would give up. Well done mate.


Ruythe Dufty

Congratulations Nic, what an amazing effort.


Chas And Miriam Mckenzie

Well done Nic. I am so pleased that Dave survived. Wishing all the Hinwoods the very best.


Amie Collins

Your family is one of a kind! Cheering you all on in this recovery season, especially your dad! 💛


Michael Donaldson

Well done Nic, thinking of you all


Tbone And Ross

Go you good thing


Matthew Robert Denniss




Chris Fay

good on you Nic, hope your Dad is going better


Sean Thompson

Good on ya Nic. Pass on my good thoughts to Dave.


Hayley Albertson

Hi Nic Only just saw this. Your Dad has always been larger than life, (with a roguish sense of humour). Wishing you and your family all the best.


Brett Watson

Well done Nic keep it going


Jock Stier

I have seen what a stroke can do Nic as it was my Dad that went through this shocking time too. Keep strong mate and I know Dave will show a big fight! Take care, thoughts are with you all.


Rebecca Roberts

I'm sorry this is late and I hope and pray they find a cure. Xxx




Pam Sinclair

Well done Nic. Love Pancakes





Taylor Fletcher

Way to go Team Hinwood!