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I’m taking on the challenge of Stride4Stroke and raising funds for Stroke Foundation!

Hi there, I'm taking on the challenge of Stride4Stroke and raising funds for Stroke Foundation to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.

Did you know that stroke is one of Australia's biggest killers and there is one stroke every 19 minutes, even though more than 80% of strokes can be prevented? Stroke Foundation is committed to a world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke.

Your support can make a significant difference, and I kindly ask you to help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation. It only takes a minute, and any amount you can give, no matter how large or small, will go a long way in supporting the Stroke Foundation's vital work.

With your generosity, the Stroke Foundation will be able to:

Prevent Stroke: By empowering a greater proportion of adult Australians to recognize the modifiable risk factors for stroke, we can increase their chances of preventing stroke and living healthier lives.

Save Lives: Your support will enable hospitals and healthcare providers across Australia to enhance their capabilities in stroke care and rehabilitation services, ultimately saving more lives.

Enhance Recovery: By reaching out to those affected by stroke, the Stroke Foundation ensures that more Australians can access reliable information, resources, and essential post-stroke support, promoting a better recovery journey for stroke survivors.

Your donation will directly contribute to these critical initiatives, bringing hope, assistance, and improved outcomes to stroke survivors and their families.

Thank you for your support. Your generosity means a lot to me.

My Updates

Next Friday we walk King's Beach

Last week, the Bridge walkers missed the cliff-top walk at Victor Harbor because of heat wave conditions. It's the most amazing and potentially dangerous of our walks and eagerly anticipated by the group. Will anyone spot a whale this year?
The walk is our last and our best. Next Friday our Christmas luncheon happens.
I'll endeavour to take a few photos of the walk.

Wittunga Native Nursery, Blackwood S.A.

Yesterday I walked throughout Wittunga, a native botanic garden at Blackwood S.A. Lucky Primary School children are located next door. I expect they have regular field trips to Wittunga. The area was once owned by the Ashby family. I believe the land was donated to the general public. 
I forgot to take our camera (sorry). Later, I'll make amends and post some of the Australian native plants Many were in full bloom! 
The native waterfowl are prolific and unconcerned by humans.
All up, I covered over 14,500 steps.

Creative Writing Day

We held our annual writing day with Friendly Street poets until 1pm. From there, I walked home over 10,000 steps then completed another 3,500 steps on our treadmill.
We'll miss tomorrow's walk at Kuitpo because Jacqui has conjunctivitis. It's contagious, as well as being a problem to face with her coming cataract operation.

Among my personal poems I chose ‘Sorry, Sorry Day’ 
(a) because of the disappointment experienced by the recent referendum.
(b) because I’m truly committed to reconciliation (and -- of course -- a ‘Yes’ voter).

I wrote the lyrics just before our first National Sorry Day in 1993 and I read them to a gathering in Pomberuk.
Here are the words:

                                               SORRY, SORRY DAY

Sweets are waiting in the car 
come and ride - we won't go far
mum and dad know where you are —  a sorry, sorry day.             
No, we can't go home tonight
stop it, or I'll take the light
in the morning you'll be right — another sorry day.

Other children live here, see? 
You can share their dormitory,
safe at night by lock and key — a sorry, sorry day. 
Up you get — can't laze in bed!  
Lots of chores before you're fed, 
morning prayers will change your head — another sorry day.

Let me shed a tear with you, walk across a bridge or two
build a better future by acknowledging the past.

No, your mother doesn't care, 
better off without you there.
Here's the tunic you must wear — a sorry, sorry day.  
Smarten up and fix your dress, 
there's a family to impress.
If you go, that's one kid less — another sorry day.

Let me shed a tear with you, walk across a bridge or two
build a better future by acknowledging the past.

Here are letters home you wrote,  
“DO NOT SEND”, Department's note.
Family was too remote — a sorry, sorry day. 
Mother died four years ago, 
thought they might have let you know.
Dad's in jail, the records show — another sorry day.

© Max Merckenschlager
Pomberuk (Murray Bridge)

November is under way

My daily average is around 9km. I'll endeavour to pass that average with an 11km walk, allowing for "contingencies". Last year I passed 2,400 minutes, so it's a benchmark.
This Friday my Murraylands Walking Group plans to walk the Kuitpo track as long as expected maximum temperature is less than 28 degrees. I will add photos taken on the walk.

Last Friday walking group event

Tomorrow (1st September) will be Jacqui's and my last day walking with the Murraylands Walking Group for September. We're driving to the Sunshine Coast to visit our younger daughter and her 4 children (our grandkids).

My S4S activity sheet will have to be missed for the rest of September. Nevertheless, I'm taking my walking sticks with us. I read recently that a comprehensive cardiology study over 7 years, involving nearly 1/4 million people, showed that walking 4,000 steps per day is sufficient to protect most of us against heart attack and stroke. My minimum goal is 10,000 steps/day. Most days I walk over 14,000 steps. Early this week I managed 22,000 steps. Currently, I've covered 14,743 kms (over 4 years) and my daily average is 10.05 km/day. 
Of course, you need to train up to do this. But as an 81+ y.o. stroke victim (10 years ago) I've never felt fitter. My ultimate walking goal is 40,000 km. That's a complete circling of Earth (virtual, of course). Perhaps I'll live long enough to achieve that? Just give me 7 more years ...

Wish me luck!

Jailhouse walk 18th August 2023

Once again due to the strong chance of rain at Belair we made a change and walked from the landscaped gardens on Adelaide Rd to Kinchina CP via Tower Hill. Surprisingly we had 16 walkers, I don’t think there would have been that many if we had have stuck with the schedule. We car pooled to the start as we had left a car at the car park on Maurice Rd which would bring the drivers back to pick up the rest. A new feature in the gardens is the fairy tree and Ikey the rock snake – a rock art trail that began on June 30th. To assist, the creators have left a pile of rocks close and "the snake" is already winding its way along.

On the walk we were on the Jailbreak Trail, Cemetery Trail, Rocky Gully Link and Getaway Car Loop. Because of the proximity to Mobilong Prison the names were used by the volunteers as they created the trails. When it came to formalising the names they didn’t expect them to be adopted but the officials obviously understood the humour. Morning tea was had at a rocky outcrop that provided seating of various heights. There were plenty of plants flowering but we didn’t see any sundews or orchids. Birds were calling constantly and we saw 3 long freight trains and another while we were having coffee.

Monarto Safari Park (Open Range Zoo)

Since we've walked hilly stuff during the last two Friday walks, our coordinator decided to make this Friday (tomorrow) a local walk from the carpark in Murray Bridge to the Monarto Safari Park. Next week will be another change. We'll walk at Belair National Park. I'm hopeful our daughter Ilona will join us. She's another keen walker.

So far I have helped Stroke Foundation deliver…

Advice and support from a health professional on StrokeLine

Stroke recovery packs to 3 survivors of stroke.

Training to a StrokeSafe volunteer to deliver community talks.

Funding to stroke researchers to find the next game-changer in stroke.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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