Josh Carter

Minutes Moved:

927 minutes

I’m taking part in Stride4Stroke to help prevent, treat and beat stroke!

It’s been almost 5 years since my first stroke, and 2 years since my second.

After all this time, I am still working on getting stronger and re-learning how to do simple day to day things. I am going to do Stride for Stroke with the help of Dad and Mum to help raise money for the Stroke Foundation. 

My goal is to do 900 minutes of exercise in November! 

Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help other people who have had Strokes. 

Stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers and a leading cause of disability.

In Australia currently, 12% of people say they won’t have exercised this week. One million strokes a year globally are linked to physical inactivity. One of the things we can do to reduce our risk of stroke, or secondary stroke, is to keep active.

So this November I’m taking part in Stride4Stroke to raise vital funds and awareness for Stroke Foundation.

Stroke Foundation is committed to raising community awareness about stroke and stroke prevention, advocating for increased access to specialised stroke treatment and rehabilitation care, and supporting research into innovative treatments for the benefit of all Australians.

Please join me in my fight against stroke today by donating and helping share my story.

Thank you in advance.

- Josh

My Updates

Day 30, Had to finish with the puppies and Santa socks!

Day 30

I did it! 927 minutes of walking in November to help others who have had a Stroke.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, supported and encouraged me to keep going! 

Day 28, Cloudy skies, umbrellas, a beach hat and Dad!

Day 28

The end is so close! Josh is very tired now, and his enthusiasm is running out! 

Today he and Glen set out to get the bulk of the remaining minutes in to reach his goal.

It was slow for the distance as he has a cut on one of his heels. 

61 minutes and 3.84km done! 

Day 27, couldn’t be bothered getting changed after dinner out!

Day 27

Todays walk was a struggle! A busy day meant it had to be done after a Mum and Son dinner date. Luckily we had an early booking! 

40 minutes and 1.5km done. Less than 100 minutes until goal!!! 

Day 26, Star Wars socks and another day indoors

Day 26

Well and truly into the home stretch now! Another rainy afternoon meant Josh once again hit the treadmill. He is so much more confident on it now, and loves to control the speed! 

35 minutes today and 1.62km! 

Day 25, Superman socks and a huge downpour!

Day 25

We thought we’d be able to beat the rain before it hit this afternoon, but it caught us half way through! 

34 minutes and 2.11km done! Slowly edging towards the 900 minute mark! 

Day 24, a stormy afternoon

Day 24

The stormy weather meant another treadmill walk  today. 

Josh had the Foo Fighters pumping to get him through as he was feeling very tired. Got 35 mins and 1.5kms done! 

Day 23, Cricket socks and grey skies!

Day 23

Getting closer to his goal! A solid 50 minutes was achieved after school and a big Physio session! 

Day 21 - Hotdog socks and fresh legs after 2 days off!

Day 21

After 2 days off due to life being a bit busy, Josh was back at it today! 

The lousy weather meant it was back on the treadmill. 

30 minutes and 1.4kms done. 

Day 18, Laps at Mitch’s soccer training!

Day 18

A nice walk at Mitch’s soccer training tonight! 30 minutes and 1.94kms. 

Day 17, No crazy socks, just a favourite hat and a beautiful sunset!

Day 17

Today we set out to walk 2kms, but at the 1km mark, Josh decided we’d do 3 instead! Not bad after a big day at school and his Speech Therapy session! 

47 minutes and 3kms! 

Day 16, Portrush loop walk and leafy socks!

Day 16

Josh asked to do the same walk as Sunday, so we headed back to the front of the Estate with the dogs this time! 

50 minutes and 3.27kms! 

Day 14, Panthers socks and a change of scenery

Day 14

Half way! Today we walked a part of our Estate that Josh hasn’t walked before! We drove to the car park, stopped to look at the flowing creek and enjoyed the 47.55 minute walk. 

Day 13, Big Mac socks for McHappy Day!

Day 13

A very windy walk today! Josh got in 53.36 minutes and 3.88km! 

Day 12, clearing weather and Donkey Kong socks!

Day 12

Finally some nice weather to get back outside! Josh had heaps of energy for a Friday night so we got 45 mins and 3kms in! 

Day 11, nothing fancy today!

Day 11

More bad weather meant hitting the treadmill once again. 30 minutes and 1.3km! 

Day 10, treadmill and Maccas socks!

Day 10

Another treadmill walk today due to the weather! Josh’s confidence is growing, which is great. He managed 30 minutes and 1.5kms today! 

Day 9, Minecraft socks and the puppies!

Day 9

Back at it today. Josh had a big Physio session this afternoon, but didn’t let it stop him from getting another 31.27 minutes and 2.15km in! 

Day 8, swimming lesson.

Day 8

Today was a rest from walking. The timing of Josh’s swimming lesson made it tricky to get a walk in. Whist he still got some movement in, it wasn’t timed, so wasn’t recorded. 

Day 7, Treadmill and Hamburglar socks to round up week 1.

Day 7

Week 1 complete! Josh is well on his way to his target and has completed 250 minutes of exercise!

Today was another wet day so he hit the treadmill again. He had more confidence today and was experimenting with the speed! 30 minutes and 1.34km. 

Day 6, Captain America socks and hot, steamy weather!

Day 6

It was a steamy morning, but got 46.13 minutes and 3.06km done! 

Day 5 - Dad, Umbrellas and Superman socks!

Day 5

It looked like it was going to pour down, but thankfully it held off and they got it done! 33.29 minutes and 2.36km! 

Day 4, Ronald McDonald socks and the the treadmill

Day 4

Josh woke up not feeling well, so didn’t go to school. He felt better as the day went on, so we were still able to get today’s walk in. The rain meant we had to take things indoors and using the treadmill is tricky as Josh’s right foot drops. He took it nice and slow, and got his 30 mins in! 

Day 3 - no crazy socks, just 2 crazy puppies!

Day 3

A later walk tonight as he had Speech therapy at 5pm. The weather was perfect! 31.37 minutes and 2.23km. 

For Day 2 he had Nanna and Grimace socks!

Day 2

34.22 minutes done today and 2.19kms. It was nice and cool again which was nice! 

Day 1

Batman socks were a must for Day 1 !!!

Day 1 of 900 minutes!

Firstly a very big thank you to everyone for the support you have shown Josh and for your generosity! 

He was so keen to get started today, and couldn’t wait to get out there after getting home from school. 

The nice cool weather allowed him to get a nice 45 minutes and 3km done - a great start!

So far I have helped Stroke Foundation deliver…

Advice and support from a health professional on StrokeLine

Stroke recovery packs to 3 survivors of stroke.

Training to a StrokeSafe volunteer to deliver community talks.

Funding to stroke researchers to find the next game-changer in stroke.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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