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My target 155kms

Under 2 weeks to do in the Stroke Foundation’s Stride4Stroke

Kate and I enjoyed a number of rides over the weekend - helping Kate to achieve her km total and pushing me very close to mine.


Also wanted to say a huge thank you to my supporters and Marnie & Papa for their generous donation.


Thanks again to everyone for their support and a huge well done to the team at Engadine RFS for their efforts so far.


With under 2 weeks to go, we're going to make this a big finish and see just how big a contribution we can make to the Stroke Foundation.

Approaching half way

I squeezed in a nice little 4km run this afternoon while the kids were at Baseball training. This brings my total to 64km. Not quite half way yet and I haven't made it to the pool yet - but I'll come home strong as i get fitter throughout the month. 


With a long weekend planned and the bikes on the back of the car - Kate and I will add a few more km's to our total before Monday. 


This has been a great challenge and I am so grateful for the support of my friends and family and the contribution we have been able to make towards the Stroke Foundation. Please keep following and supporting Kate and I and all of the RFS Engadine crew in this worthy cause. 

Cycling K's underway

Days 3 & 4, Saturday and Sunday, have given Kate and I the opportunity to get out for 2 days of Mountain Biking. 20km's each day - single trails on Saturday and Lady C firetrail on Sunday. Kate even ran over a small snake on Saturday!


That brings my total Run km's to 9 and Cycling km's to 40. mmm, better get to the pool soon to kick start my third activity of swimming. 


That brings my weekend to a close. Hope you all have a great Monday and work week to come.


Thanks again for all the support on this challenge and fundraising adventure. It's great to see so many of my other team members at Engadine RFS are underway too and really getting into the challenge.

My first 9km's

Day 2 of November and it was a scorcher. But just as the day started to cool and before the storm rolled in, I managed a hard and hilly 9km run. First 5km's were ok, then the road went up for the next kilometre and a half of hill. Bit of a southerly buster headwind for the final run home but glad to get my running total started.

On a separate and more importan note, I wanted to say a huge thank you to my sponsors who have made some super generous donations. Thank you to you all!

Day 3 is looking like it's time to get the bike dirty and hit the trails with Kate.

I am taking part in the Stroke Foundation’s Stride4Stroke to help Fight Stroke!

Sadly, 1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime.

Stroke attacks the brain- the human control centre, changing lives in an instant. The impact of stroke can be devastating for the individual and the family. But stroke’s impact doesn’t need to be this great, research indicates that around 80 percent of strokes are preventable.

So, I need your help to Fight Stroke. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to those who are impacted by stroke. Please sponsor me and support me today as I ride 100km, Run 50km and Swim 5km - 155km all up through November, and together, we can Fight Stroke!

Your donation will help the Stroke Foundation support those affected right now and fund research to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Quentin Field

Good work mate, if u need a swimming partner I’m sure Talia would happily keep u company.


Gail Sadleir

Well done Benn. A very worthy cause.


Ryan Joyce

Great cause Benn!! Good luck


Marnie & Papa

You are an inspiration, thanks again for being there and always doing for others. Lots of ❤️


Ray Vaughan

Well done Benn good luck!


Benn Sadleir